MerCimin was founded in late 2004 by it's current CEO Mercedes Eno-Osagie.
She founded MerCimin with the specific purpose of developing a
multi-functional Hotel and Conference Centre complex. Initially focusing
on the city of Lelystad, she developed a basic concept that would be
capable of positively impacting the region. During this initial phase of
the project Ms Eno-Osagie contacted some business associates and discussed
the proposed project with them. After many brainstorming sessions, a
decision was made to move forward with the project. MerCimin Property
development contacted another business associate, Mr Tim Franta who is now
the MerCimin's current senior Project Manager. Mr.Franta was residing in
Asia at that time. MerCimin approached Mr.Franta about the project. After
doing extensive research concerning the feasibility of the project, he
joined the team and relocated to the Netherlands in April 2005 to continue
with the project.

After 8 months of research and feasibility studies, the decision to
develop the first 6 Star Condo/Hotel and Conference Centre was made. At
this time the project was focusing on the greater Amsterdam metropolitan
area as its prime objective. MerCimin approached numerous municipalities
in the region. However for varied reasons a suitable location could not be
located. At this time a decision was made to expand the scope of the
project to include other metropolitan areas with in Europe.

MerCimin will retain major organisations to manger ALL operational areas
within the complex. At present MerCimin has received letters of intent
from 3 major Hotel and Conference Centre management organisations who have
expressed interest in the project. Additionally MerCimin has been in
contact with major investors who have also expressed interest in
participating in the project. Additionally using the Condo/Hotel concept,
MerCimin will have the capability of financing 50-60% of the project
through the sales of Condo/Hotel units within the Complex.

During its brief history MerCimin has recruited highly talented
individuals for its executive board, they have diversified experience
which range from an expert in the hospitality consulting area, to a
project manager with over 10 years expertise in the field of construction
management. This team with over 100 years of combined practical business
experience is the driving factor behind MerCimin.